No more licence costs.
Open-Source is the future.

Avoid incalculable costs thanks to licence-free software

Sound familiar?

Do you have a licence solution and you are constantly weighing up the costs and benefits?

Is the internal effort necessary due to constant license audits an over-proportional burden on your budget?

Each additional user incurs extra costs, which is a strain on the international business.

One-off investment.
Activatable in the balance sheet.
Calculable costs

PerFact has the solution!

  • Open-source software for a one-off fixed price
  • No extra costs for additional users, regardless of whether you have 10 or 10,000 users
  • No limitation on additional users
  • No complicated licence agreements
  • No "licence audits"
  • Customer and supplier accounts for greater transparency and secure networking

The licence-free model from PerFact is calculable, and is extendable without extra costs.

The licence-free software from PerFact provides:

  • The use of freely available open-source software
  • Close networking with the community
  • Advantages of the "multi-check principle" through developers spread throughout the world
  • Plug and play applications, thanks to software blocks
  • Software as your property
  • Amortisation in the balance sheet

How it works:

Und so geht´s

No hidden costs – the software is your property.

» The licence freedom alone has proven to be of great benefit.

Adding extra users is not subject to any automatic extra costs. This means that we have a great amount of freedom in working with the system.«

Mr. Blessing, Corporate Program Manager at SICK AG

Added value for you:

  • Binding fixed price quotation
  • Clear, calculable costs
  • Free digitalisation and networking
  • Secure software
  • Programming training for PerFact blocks
  • Controlling benefits

PerFact Lizenzkostenfrei